Belmont 2011 Moth World Champs

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dates for Belmont

The Belmont calender has been set and we have the dates for the 2011 Moth Worlds.

We will have a 2 or 3 day, 6 race Nationals (pre worlds for visitors in conjunction) beginning on Wednesday 5th January, followed by a 10 or 12 race Worlds from Saturday 8th up to Friday 14th.

For those keen to have a trial run on Belmont Bay, we will also be holding the 2010 New South Wales Moth Championship over Easter, Friday April 2nd to Sunday 4th.

With respect to the NSW and Nationals regattas the long standing practice is to accept out of area entrants who are members of other IMCA associations but the very old perpetual trophies and the actual title are reserved for NSW and AUS members respectively. Open Event trophies are awarded for visiting winners. But we do welcome the competition.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Warm up for the Worlds.

The Australian mothies will get a warm up regatta at Belmont. The Belmont 16s have just agreed to run the 2010 NSW State championship overthe usual Easter weekend.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Belmont confirmed at IMCA AGM 2008

We are on. The International Moth Class Association Meeting in Weymouth this week acceped our offer and the Belmont January 2011 World Moth Championship is a goer.

They also confirmed Cascade Gorge USA for August 2009 and Dubai for April 2010.

That seems to be packing the events up close but with almost 100 moths from 19 countries waiting in Weymouth for sailable winds the future of the class has never looked better.

If the grouth rate continues we may see 150 boats by 2011!

We are now seeking people or companies who wish to get involved. I am sure together we can make it an event to remember.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

We are not alone!

The A Cats are going to Belmont next January. There is a lot of info about the place on their website here including an accommodation listing.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

A return to Lake Macquarie

The Moth class Worlds were last in NSW and on Lake macquarie in 1995. That event at South Lake Macquarie ASC was a great success with about 95 entries from UK, Japan, NZ and Aust, That was a time when T foil rudders and Pocket Luff sails were the hit, and the regatta was won by Emmett Lazich.

The phenomenal growth in the class internationally in recent years indicates that the next few years will see a steady increase in numbers of sailors and countries involved in Mothing, and consequently we feel that by 2011 the numbers at Belmont may exceed those at SLMASC in 1995.

The Belmont club offers some of the best dinghy sailing facilities in the country and Belmont Bay is one of the classic sailing locations.

This year's worlds are at Weymouth UK in July, there is interest in going to Japan or USA in August/September 2009. We need to have an 18 month gap to match northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere summers, hence our January 2011 proposal.

We hope to secure the committement of the world's moth sailors in July, then work to securing sponsors and comitments to allow us to organise an exceptional event.


NSW International Moth Association has applied through IMCA Aust to run a World Champs in January 2011. This application will be considered by IMCA at the 2008 AGM to be held at the WC in Weymouth UK next July.

This site will be a temporary source of information for Moth sailors and others who might be considering their position in the moth sailing world over the next few years.

We will post info about the proposed venue, links to other Moth information and hopefully generate great interest inthe Class, the event and attract new sailors and sponsors to the class.

The Venue

Lake Macquarie / Belmont Bay
Lake Macquarie is Australia s largest coastal saltwater system and the largest saltwater lake in the Southern Hemisphere.

Her volume is 4 x greater than that of Sydney Harbour with 174kms of magnificent foreshore and a length of 24kms. Her uncrowded sailing conditions, deep water and consistent NE sea breezes in summer has made her one of the nation s premier sailing destinations.

The lake is an easy 1.5hr drive north from Sydney. Sailing conditions are similar to those on Sydney Harbour however with the additional benefits of:
* no commercial shipping,
* no tidal influences; and
* significantly less recreational boating
allowing large open courses on flat water with consistent sea breezes.

Belmont is the premier location for Sailing Regattas

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Belmont 16ft Sailing Club
The Belmont 16ft Sailing Club is located on the Northern shore of Lake Macquarie and is the largest licensed Sailing Club in Australia both in size (licensed to accommodate 2,500 patrons) and membership numbers (28,000 members). It has two viewing decks for spectators and 180 degree views of the courses from behind floor to ceiling glass. The Club is fully air-conditioned and a perfect location to watch the racing, or relax after racing, with a long cool drink.

The Sailing is supported by the Club with ample facilities to cater to all regatta and function requirements. The Club offers a fantastic array of services and facilities for local, national and international regattas from training to Olympic class dinghies. The modern, well appointed Sailing Headquarters and Radio Room makes the Belmont 16ft Sailing Club the ultimate competitive sailing arena.

Regatta Management & Offices
The Belmont 16ft Sailing Club has an experienced and qualified Administration and Race Management Team, with Nationally Accredited RO's, and professional sailing and function staff to ensure a hassle-free event.

The Regatta Office and Radio Room is located on the roof of the Belmont 16ft Sailing Club with comprehensive views of all race courses where Belmont volunteers monitor all activity and coordinate the management of the on water event. This area also doubles as a media center with a number of internet connections installed for visiting local and overseas journalists.
To view our lake from the Regatta Office on web-cam visit

Race Headquarters is located adjacent to the large grassed area, the main boat park. This area is the hub of information for the competitors hosting a free internet connection for access of emails. The boat park is equipped with a PA system accessed from either the Race Headquarters or the Regatta Office.

Belmont 16ft Sailing Club has numerous function and meeting rooms which may be utilised for administrative or de-briefing purposes with the Board Room reserved for protests. The Club can supply an array of video, PowerPoint and movie projection equipment to enhance your presentations.The club itself has in-house catering, an auditorium capable of handling 650 people, a separate sailors area and deck with bars easily allowing 350 people in a relaxed environment negating the necessity for additional marquees.

The Club has designated in-house plasma screens where daily racing video can be viewed by competitors and patrons.
The Belmont 16ft Sailing Club has areas where measuring can be done in a calm indoor locations and can also supply boat weighing scales.

A number of chandleries, boat builders and sail makers are within walking distance of the club.

As would be expected at one of Australia s leading clubs our modern change room and shower facilities, adjacent to the boat park are of the highest standard.

The licensed club is a perfect place to conduct the formal functions with a choice of catering and presentation by our experienced functions staff. Coffees, breakfasts and lunches are available everyday in a choice of bistro, café or boat park canteen.

Security is a priority for Belmont 16ft Sailing Club. The boat park has a 24 hour monitor which is viewed by our club security and is also accessed in the Regatta Office.

On Water
Belmont 16ft Sailing Club has the capacity to access boats and volunteers from a number of other Sailing and Yacht Clubs around the lake. An array of additional leisure craft are available for media, jury, sponsors and spectators. On Lake Macquarie we work as a team!

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology wind rose diagram the conditions are predominantly sea breezes NE
Average temperatures are a constant 18.7ºC and 28.3ºC
Refer BOM website for further information:

Four courses as per instruction will be set on Belmont Bay with visibility of all courses from viewing decks, inside the Club and Boat Parks.

The Belmont Region has a large number of beds available for our sailing visitors ranging from Home Stay and Caravan Parks to Five Star resorts many within walking distance from the Club. Visit for more visitor and accommodation information.

Belmont 16ft Sailing Club has a very favourable relationship with the local and national media organisations and can guarantee media coverage both locally and Nationally. International media will be accommodated with access to the internet in the Regatta Office

Containers are regularly shipped from Sydney to the Belmont 16ft Sailing Club for major events, where there are areas set aside for this purpose on-site ensuring handy access to containers for our interstate and international competitors.

From Sydney International Airport less than 2 hrs by car or train will have you at your Belmont residence. Airport shuttles can be arranged from airport to door at reasonable cost.

Proposed dates for the second week of January 2011

On top of the great organisation ashore and the fantastic race management afloat, the regatta was made just about perfect because of the incredible weather that was laid on with some awesome breezes. I would say that without exception, everyone who made the effort to sail the event had a very enjoyable stay in Belmont, made more so by the friendly and welcoming sailors and locals. You have all set a standard that will be hard to beat and should be justly proud of a memorable OK Dinghy World Championships .